2 DVDs Various Artists - Burg Herzberg Festival: Traditional Hippie Convention 2006


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DVD 1:

Peter Bursch's Bröselmaschine: Bei Uns Zuhaus

Wicked Minds: Witchflower

Götz Widmann: Markt, Marx Undsoweiter

Götz Widmann: Landkommunenhippie

Uli Jon Roth feat. Peter Bursch: All Along The Watchtower

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra: Ikoyi Blindness

Space Debris: Mountain

Soft Machine: Kite Runner

UFO: Let It Roll

The Gathering: Shortest Day

Psychedelic Monsterjam: Electric Junk

White Cowbell Oklahoma: Monster Railroad

Berimbrown: Galope

Hidria Spacefolk: System

Herzberg Blues Allstars: Sunshine Of Your Love

DVD 2:

Herzberg Blues Allstars mit:

- Rockin' Chair

- Make My Day

- Real Stuff

- Rattlesnake Shake

- Tender Touch

- I Done Something Wrong

- Lonesome Road

- Peace Of Mind (Ray Charles)

- Don't Wanna Sing The Blues

- Shakey Ground

- The Old Soulsinger

- Waiting For The Call

- Sunshine Of Your Love

- Got What I Want

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